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If you have ever been frustrated by the fact that you keep losing internet connection, or that your panel trips any time you use the coffeemaker and the microwave simultaneously, the problem might not necessarily be with your outlets or electrical panels. In many cases, old municipal power poles may be the primary culprit of your electrical troubles. If the poles are eroded or damaged by the many storms and even hurricanes that come with Florida’s inclement weather, this causes your electrical current to be unreliable and weak. Instead of wringing your hands in frustration, let our team at Always There Air provide you with dependable support. We offer Odessa power pole installation at affordable prices. 

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What is The Purpose of Installing Private Power Poles?

There are several reasons why you might want to have a private power pole installed at your residence. For instance, have you ever noticed that your electrical flow is particularly weak in a part of your home? Having your own electric pole will give you the freedom and flexibility of selecting the position where your current will flow through the strongest, instead of relying on the municipal pole located far from your home.

In many cases, these public poles are also not as safe as private options. Particularly if the city does not provide regular maintenance services, trees may grow up around the cables, or the asphalt or cement around the pole’s base may become cracked and unreliable. With a private pole, which also decreases the amount of wiring needed for connections, you can sleep easily at night knowing that you are much more secure than if you were just relying on an old, weather-damaged public pole.

Benefits of Installing an Electric Power Pole

Installing electrical power poles in Odessa, FL can have an immense impact on power quality and power output from the local power grid. While power lines that run underground provide superior power quality, underground power line installation is both laborious and costly, making it an impractical solution for most towns. Installing electrical power poles helps to ensure the highest level of power service with minimal disruption to daily life. The high-voltage power lines attached to the power poles can improve the flow of energy throughout the electrical grid while also adding capacity when needed during peak demand periods. Efficient maintenance and repair of power lines also become much easier with power pole installations compared to underground lines, which saves money over time. Installing power poles is an effective solution in providing reliable energy with minimal issues and lower long-term costs.

How We Prepare For Your Private Power Pole Installation

Before we get ready to install your power pole, our dedicated contractors at Always There Air are committed to making sure that the entire process is safe and methodical. Pole installations can be extremely challenging and risky for those who are not trained, but our experienced technicians are careful to apply each step with precision and care. 

When we come to your home, you can rely on our team to:

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the place where your pole will be installed
  • Make sure that there are no natural obstructions that could hinder the pole’s secure network, such as trees and bushes or unstable ground 
  • Check to look for any existing gas or water lines, or other electrical networks
  • Methodically drill a precise hole and install the new power pole
  • Safely connect the pole so it can directly access the electrical network
  • Check your switchboard to ensure that the power is reliably flowing through to your home and electrical appliances and devices

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Flexible Options for Any Home

No matter where your home is located, our devoted technicians are ready to find a solution to resolve your need for reliable electrical flow with our excellent Odessa power pole installation. Our electricians seek to create the perfect option that reaches far beyond your expectations.

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