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A homeowner has many responsibilities and duties, but one of the most extensive and critical for those who live in the state of Florida is maintaining their HVAC equipment. With our extremely high temperatures and humidity during the summer, and occasional bouts of sudden chilly air during the winter, it is essential to have reliable air conditioners and heaters on hand. If your HVAC system needs troubleshooting, or you simply need some hefty maintenance, let Always There Air provide superior Odessa HVAC service and repair.

Reliable Maintenance for Your HVAC Equipment

We always provide maintenance check-ups for anything that we value in our lives, from our automobiles to our teeth. We even schedule haircuts on a regular basis to maintain our appearance. Yet surprisingly, many residents do not often service their air conditioners and heaters, even though their HVAC equipment is constantly working. The more your system must continually run throughout the extreme temperatures of Florida’s often inclement weather, the more likely it is to wear down.

Our dedicated contractors can provide thorough assessment checks to determine how well your HVAC system is running. In many cases, just a minor repair or cleaning could save you a lot of money that would be spent on a more severe issue or replacement. Let our experts keep your systems running reliably by scheduling regular maintenance check-ups.

Is It Necessary to Service AC Every Year?

It is recommended that you service your AC at least once a year, and more often than that if you use your system often. Many people only have their AC looked at when a problem occurs. Unfortunately, at this point this usually means you'll have many issues to deal with that could have been prevented with regular maintenance. 

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

Just like taking your car in for an oil change, servicing your air conditioning on a regular basis will help it run smoothly and extend its lifespan. A few of the many benefits provided by regular servicing include:

  • Avoid Surprise or Emergency Fixes: Air conditioners' filters, coils, and fins wear out over time and require maintenance to ensure that nothing starts to break down and cause more serious problems. Don't get caught off guard by an AC repair emergency.
  • Save Money on Utility Bills: A properly maintained AC unit will run more efficiently, meaning that it won't have to work as hard to cool the home. This can save wear and tear on the unit, leading to fewer repairs over time, and it can save you money each month on your energy bill. 
  • Add Value to Your Home: Regular maintenance can help to increase the lifespan of your AC unit. Not only does that save you money in the long run, it can also increase the value of your home by making a well-maintained HVAC system more attractive to potential buyers. 

Do you have questions about getting your AC unit serviced? Call our experienced team at (813) 437-3498 today!

Effective Heating & AC Repairs When You Need Them

Never hesitate to contact our HVAC contractors the moment you are starting to experience issues with your AC or heater. Even minor troubles can rapidly transform into more major problems if they are not handled right away. Our dedicated technicians want to provide you with the repairs you need so that you can stay comfortable in your home no matter the season. 

Common Issues with AC & Heating units Include:

  • Your air conditioner is blowing warm air, or your heater is blowing cold air
  • There is limited or completely missing airflow from your duct
  • The thermostat does not match the actual temperature in your residence
  • Your HVAC system often cycles on its own
  • You are experiencing either extreme humidity or lack of humidity
  • There is liquid seeping out from the bottom of your unit
  • You can smell unpleasantly musty odors of mildew and mold
  • Your unit often makes loud banging or groaning sounds

Let us know as soon as possible if you are experiencing any of these warning signs so that we can diagnose the problem and recommend a heating or AC repair.

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Workmanship You Can Trust

When it comes to workmanship, our technicians at Always There Air believe in thoroughly satisfying the expectations of our customers. Unlike many HVAC companies out there, our team is not composed of salesmen, but is dedicated to offering real service. This is what allows us to be so flexible in creating options that fit with our clients’ individual needs and budgets. No person has a set standard of requirements and preferences, so we will endeavor to do everything in our power to make sure that our solution exactly matches what you had in mind.

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